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About Us

Eisen Ergotech Private Limited

Eisen ergotech private ltd sole manufacturer and supplier of height adjustable frame. I.e. Sit and stand desk. Our speciality is in manufacturing our major focus is on designing and manufacturing innovative height adjustable frames. Constantaly striving to deliver innovative product which known for their ergonomics.

We stand different because of our quality services and ease of use for our products.

Our focus only lies on ergonomic workplaces and committed for healthy work environment.

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Products Specifications

Height (mm) min 735/Max 1195
Stroke (mm) 460mm
Speed (mm) 6mm/Turn
Frame Length (mm) Min 1050/Max 1650
Table Top Depth (mm) Min 600/Max 750
Capacity (Kg) 60Kg
Noise (db) NA
Colour White/Grey/Black
Weight/Set 21 Kg
Material RoHS
Price * 10250/-

EISEN is an Indian start up, inspired from the Indian government initiative to boost local production at competitive features and price. We Chose to manufacture and import substitute products and started developing, manufacturing and sales of height adjustable desks.
Initially we have started with manufacturing a manual height adjustable desk for offices and work from home, which provides an affordable health solution with the best ergonomic solution.

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Why should we use a Height Adjustable Desk?

Your health is our top most priority.

In Darwin’s theory of mankind evolution, a probable monkey-like species was our predecessor, which is always seen in standing posture in most of the old sculptures and drawings found in today‚Äôs era. It supports that humans are designed to live in mostly standing position.

EISEN promises to provide and promote ergonomically designed comfortable workspaces to users, should be accessible to reach at the end segment of user. Study to found that the workforce are spending 8 to 10 hours daily in the office in a sitting position. And while sitting in this position most of the time, people are not sitting in appropriate position i.e. Right angle in knee, taking lumber support, straightness of neck, eye vision angle, etc.